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AUG 4-6, 2023


GENRE: Indie-electronic, experimental

FROM: Germany/Denmark

WHEN: Aug. 4/approx. 9:30 pm & Aug. 5/2:00 pm

WHERE: Gene Leahy Mall at The RiverFront (8/4) & Studio Theatre (8/5)

toechter is a German-Danish band researching the use of string instruments in sound design. Using their classical training as a starting point, they explore the percussive and lyrical range of the acoustic instruments, drawing on sound effects created through pedals and vocal textures. toechter creates electronic beats and soundscapes by manipulating acoustic string instrument sounds (violin, viola, violoncello). Together they create their own language by mixing genres and unusual string samples to create a human and touching electronic sound world. They released their debut album “Zephyr” in March 2022 to much critical acclaim. 

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