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AUG 4-6, 2023

Kusi Taki

GENRE: Traditional Andean

FROM: Mexico/Peru/based in Nebraska

WHEN: Aug. 4/approx. 7:30 pm & Aug.5/4:00 pm

WHERE: Gene Leahy Mall at the RiverFront (8/4) & Howell Theatre (8/6)

Experience the Andean cultures of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Chile through an acoustic journey and storytelling. The award-winning Lincoln-based Andean musical group Kusi Taki (Quechua for ‘Enchanting Music’) will play traditional South American instruments including the Quena (flute), Zampoñas (panpipes), Charango (10-stringed small guitar) and Bombo (goatskin drum) and sing in Spanish and Quechua to bring alive the cultures and history of the indigenous people of the Andes.

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