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Aug. 4-11, 2024

Interactive Kids' Concert

GENRE: Music for Children from all over the globe

WHEN: Aug 4 SUNDAY 12:30pm

WHERE: Polley Music Library at Bennett Martin, Lincoln


Marie Sønderskov–flute, storytelling

Oscar Rios–quena, drums

Valeri Tolstov, kalyuka

Erik Higgins, viola da gamba

Bring a blanket, your little ones and prepare to have a good time!


Our baby concerts are designed for both you and your kids, with a relaxing environment where participation, movement and exclamations are appreciated. Enjoy getting to know music and musicians from around the globe, as told through the story “This Love Will Go On”. 


The 35-minute show is timed with 0-5 year-olds in mind, but can be enjoyed by all.